Acoustic Guitar Bands Ranking

yamaha fg700s acoustic guitar brand rankingAcoustic guitar is the first choice of many guitar beginners. There are a lot of benefits to start with an acoustic guitar. First of first, acoustic guitars are cheaper than electric guitars. Then acoustic guitars are easy to carry, you don’t need electricity and amplifiers. The most important reason I think is a good acoustic guitar make amazing sound that different from electric guitars.

To buy an acoustic guitar, you must know some basic stuffs about acoustic guitar, one of these stuffs is guitar brands.

 Top five acoustic guitar brands:

Yamaha: Yamaha is a well-known manufacturer of acoustic guitar and electric guitar. They make some decent entry-level acoustic guitar models with reasonable price. One of them is Yamaha FG700S.

Epiphone: Epiphone is a brand of Gibson. They both make acoustic and electric guitars. Most of them made in Korea or China. The low labor cost cause the low price but still have relative high quality.

Takamine: A Japanese guitar maker. Their best-selling products are G series which are somewhat expensive, but the sound is worth the money. They also offer Jasmine S series which are cheaper and have decent sound.

Martin: Acoustic guitars from Martin are most expensive and considered the best guitars by many professional guitarists. But this company began to make some less expensive models for acoustic guitar beginners.

Squire: This brand backed up by the famous Fender, the No. 1 manufacturer in guitar industry. Both Fender and Squire make electric guitars like Tele, Strat. Squire guitars are usually the cheap copies of Fender. For acoustic, they also make beginner guitars with good sound though are not considered as good as their electric guitars.

These are some of the good acoustic guitar brand names. They are the brands I like to recommend to beginners. I can’t say every guitar from these brands are good, but choose these brands will minimize your mistake when buying your beginner guitar.

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Good Acoustic Guitar Brand Names

acoustic guitar brands

If your are going to buy an acoustic guitar, which brands you choose? There are a lot of acoustic guitar brand names. For beginners, it is meaningless to buy a high priced guitar. So find the acoustic guitar brands offer entry level models is you first goal.

Here are some good brand names that offer not very expensive models and have decent quality.

  • Fender
  • Epiphone( sub brand of Gibson)
  • Yamaha
  • Martin
  • Takamine

If you want buy an acoustic beginner guitar online. Yamaha and Takamine is highly recommended because their stable quality.

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